Fluffers McKitten

by Bob Dewar, David Dewar, Alan Dewar and Jeff Dewar

George didn't know what to do when his cat ran away, so he posted a notice at the local 7/11. Soon he got 18 e-mails claiming the cat was found. But when 18 different animals were returned to him he got a big surprise.

His little Fluffers McKitten was one of a set of identical nondecuplets! Even worse, she was the one that hadn't come back to him!

George and the 18 kittens were all equally surprised, since every one of them had thought there was only one McKitten. After they had managed to get used to the idea of there being 19 of them, they formulated a plan to find Fluffers.

They ate ice cream. This proved to be surprisingly effective, since none of the McKittens could resist ice cream, especially in such large concentration. And so Fluffers met his 18 siblings, whom he had been searching for in the first place. <.<

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