The Fox and the Drugged Punch

by Bob Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Alan Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar and David Dewar

"Down boy," he said as the fox (his favourite pet) snarled at him. The beast had suddenly gone mad, he thought. But his command was ignored by Freddy Fox, who proceeded to lunge at him. You won't believe what happened next. It took everyone at the garden party by surprise.

*BANG* Thinking the fox was about to kill its owner, Park Ranger Oliver shot the poor animal with a tranquilizer dart. Thankfully, the dart had just the right amount of tranquilizer in it for Freddy to slowly fall unconscious, without suffering any lasting side-effects. Still, Freddy was a beloved mascot, and shooting her was unheard of! (Did I mention Freddy was female?)

Freddy's owner (whose name, incidentally, was Mike) grabbed his own tranquilizer gun and shot at Park Ranger Oliver. Oliver, however, had been trained to deal with such situations, from all the animals who had shot back at him in the past. He ducked, leaving Mike's dart to fly into the punch bowl, where it was promptly forgotten as Mike and Oliver exchanged insults.

Unfortunately for the guests at the party, no one thought to empty out the punch and mix up another batch, with the result that...

...well, obviously the result was a lot of drugged guests, many wrongly-suspected cases of Roofalin™-related shenanigans, and zero-ish genuine cases of opportunistic attempted date-rape (thwarted by the would-be criminal's consumption of the tranquil brew). I mean, that pretty much goes without saying, does it not?

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