Frank the Clowndog

by Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar, and Mary Lou Dewar

It's me again. Frank the clowndog. Before I go barrelling into the story, let me just give a quick cast of characters. First, there's me, the Head of Ranch Manurity, also called the entertainment. Then there's my assistant, Droover. He's a real dunce, and keeps complaining about his right front leg. Then there's Hay Looper, Sully Mai, and Slum. I'll talk more about them later. There's Peke the barncat, and Ripe and Snore, the coyote brothers.

Ripe and Snore don't like my sharp wit, and they have equally sharp teeth. Luckily, Hay's always been there to protect me, until my crush on our neighbor's dog, Bewler, got out of hand...

Anyway, it just so happens that recently, I was out prowling the perimeter, looking for birds to entertain, when suddenly, a pineapple fell from the sky. This was the first time I'd ever seen a wild pineapple, and I wasn't quite sure what to do. So, I barked my fool head off, in hopes that someone would come and suggest something.

But to my amazement the pineapple turned into a coconut. This event was the result of a magic spell cast by Frank, who suddenly appeared on the scene. Frank had the power to change anything, except his mind.

Which was unfortunate, because a big decision was now crucial for him -- whether to eat the coconut or wait to see if it would be better if he turned it back into a pineapple. Too bad for him -- he couldn't decide, and while he was standing holding it, a tandem bicycle ridden by Snore and Ripe whizzed by and Snore grabbed the fruit from Frank's hands. He went to bed hungry that night.

Parody of Hank the Cowdog

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