by Mary Lou Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Alan Dewar, and Bob Dewar

When Mandy Sue woke up that morning, she noticed that there was a strange atmosphere in the house. She wasn't certain what was different -- she just felt weird. Instead of showering and getting dressed, she decided to go downstairs in her pyjamas and investigate. But when she got to the kitchen door...

She slipped on a banana peel and skidded through. That's exactly the moment when it hit her. The wall, that is, not the idea. The idea came later. Right now, let's talk about the wall.

It bent inward, making her escape difficult. When she did escape, she slipped on the banana peel again and got trapped in the fridge!

There, she found a number of bananas, and she decided that she would take her revenge on these. With each one, she carefully removed the peel and ate it -- the peel, that is, not the banana; she had nothing against bananas as such, but was deeply upset at the peels.

As it turned out the bananas made her sick and she wished she had eaten the peels instead. The peels of this type of banana were quite edible. Once she was informed of this she made a banana peel cream pie which won second prize at the Local Fair. Thereafter all her friends made only banana peel pies forever. Amen.

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