The Golden Castle

by Mary Lou Dewar, Bob Dewar, David Dewar, Alan Dewar and Jeff Dewar

As they rounded the curve, high in the mountains of southern Utah, Fred and Greg realized that they were in big trouble. The road had suddenly disappeared -- they were at the edge of a precipitous drop. What to do?

An earthquake had destroyed the road, so they turned back the way they had come. But soon it was dark and they got lost. Just then the moon rose suddenly from over the mountain. And they saw a golden castle in front of them.

It was the castle of King Midas! They ventured in, hoping to be gifted with the Midas touch. What happened was not at all pleasant.

When Fred put his hand on the banister, it suddenly changed from gold to butter. Naturally, this made it very slippery, and Fred fell to the ground. Upon touching the ground, Fred found that it, too, turned to butter, and he and Greg fell through to the castle's basement.

It was then that Fred landed on King Midas and they touched hands! King Midas turned to butter and Fred turned to gold. Greg was appointed to be the new ruler. He had never liked Fred or Midas anyways.

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