Henry and Pete

by Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar and David Dewar

Henry the happy bunny was happily hopping home from his trip to the dentist, when he encountered his good friend, Pete the Mongoose. "Oh, hello, Pete!" said Henry, but Pete was too distracted to reply.

You see, Pete was playing a game with a friend of his!
Pete: I play Koumori Dragon!
Wally: Hmm... hope, Go Fish!
However, it wasn't going too well.

Pete was busy eating Sally Snake for dinner. So Henry asked him for a bite. Just then Sally bit Henry, since he had asked for a bite.

Now Henry wasn't happy at all. Any second now he would lose his fur, and be revealed as a robot fraud, and his evil master would be in jeopardy.
Meanwhile, the evil head of Obliviolus Inc. prepared to teleport the real Henry in to replace his double agent. He was just too slow, and his minion's fur remained piled around the real Henry. Alex Trebek would have his way after all...
       Game Over
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