The Hockey Bears -- A Boston Bruins Story

by Doug Dewar, Megan Dewar, Jeannette Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Shane Dewar, Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

Once upon a time a huge bear named Hugey went to play hockey with the Moscow Circus on Ice.

He scored a goal.

All the fans in the stand were booing him.

This was because he got confused and scored against his own team!

"get off the ice, stupid bear!" yelled drunken sports fans who couldn't even capitalize properly when speaking and were really in no place to be calling someone stupid.

All of a sudden he had a spaz attack.

The fans stopped booing and cowered in fear, lest the spazzy bear attack them!

Just then the animal control people came in and captured the bear and three hockey fans.

They took them away in their paddy wagon and the bear and three drunks were never seen again.

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