Piggy Poo

by Mary Lou Dewar, Doug Dewar, Megan Dewar, Jeannette Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Shane Dewar, Alan Dewar and Bob Dewar

That is the wost thing that ever happened to me!

I went body-surfing and blew out my knee.

I went to the hospital.

I was upset but lucky for me I had a good-looking nurse take care of me.

I asked the handsome nurse out on a date, and am now attempting to genetically engineer pigs with wings.

You're probably wondering what my date with the hot nurse has to do with flying pigs...

All of a sudden the pigs pooed on the nurse.

She ran, screaming, into the shower and took off all her pig-poo-covered clothes.

But when she finished her shower she found that all her clothes were gone, so she walked home in the nude.

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