Joe Stink

by Bob Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Alan Dewar, David Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

Joe decided to change his name -- he was tired of being called Joe Stink, even though this was his real name. So he changed it to Jim Stink. But this led to great confusion since people got him mixed up with his cousin Jim Smelly. What could he do to reduce this confusion?

Well, firstly, he realized, it was his last name he hated, and lastly, his first name he had liked. Go figure.

Nevertheless, since he had already changed his name once, he figured it would be even more confusing to change it again. Instead, he decided to move to France, where people would not recognize his English name.

This would have worked incredibly well, except that he didn't know any French. In fact his only second language was Klingon. Then his mother remarried and he became Jim Somebody. Well, that worked out well.

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