The Wombat

by David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Bob Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Alan Dewar

Once upon a time there was a wombat. His name was Mr. Sniffs, and he was going to go a long way from home yesterday...

But fate had intervened, and Mr. Sniffs was still on his front doorstep. Someone had left instant-drying glue on the step, so when Mr. Sniffs stepped into it, he was immediately glued to the spot. What to do?

He called the fire department, which used solvent to free Mr. Sniffs. But the solvent made him sick because he ate some of it because it smelled so yummy.

What would he do now? He called the hospital to see if they could help. They couldn't. However...

Mr. Sniffs threw up violently. Having emptied his stomach of its toxic contents, he now felt much better -- so much so that he decided to set off to see the world after all. And to this day, he's still out there, enjoying himself.

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