Leon's Ascent

by Alan Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, David Dewar, Bob Dewar and Jeff Dewar

It had been many years since Leon had first completed his ascent to the summit of the stairwell, and he was looking forward to his return engagement.

Of course, given that the stairs reached up to the top of the Calgary Tower, he knew that he would need lots of food and water to sustain him during the climb. The only problem was that he had no money to buy the supplies.

He had spent it all on the taxi ride over from his first conquest, in the local university's Social Science building, you see. The cab driver had been hesitant to accept a frog as a passenger, especially unaccompanied, but changed his tune when he realized this frog was the famous Leon! (He wasn't really all that famous; it was really quite serendipitous that the cabby had heard of him.)

The famous Leon, you know, had once been a handsome prince -- the Prince of Cambridge. That gave this frog special privileges like free taxi rides on Fridays. These days were special for an odd reason, namely...

They were the only days Leon never had reason to travel! So it was that he spent all the cash he had on hand just getting to the Calgary Tower. Wait... "on hand"? Of course! His Bank of Englandia card still had millions on it! His journey could still go forward. So Leon stocked up on supplies, and began ascending the stairs of the Calgary Tower. Hop. Hop. Hop. Jump. Hop...

Unofficial sequel to The Tale of Leon The Frog

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