Local Customs

by Mary Lou Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, David Dewar, Megan Dewar, Doug Dewar, Alan Dewar and Shane Dewar

What a sight -- fifty husky men in Bermuda shorts, marching along 24th Avenue.

This was actually a rather bizarre occurrence, especially considering forty-nine of the men were from the Bermuda Triangle; the last one was lost and mistaken for their comrade.

But the police quickly rounded them up and took them to the Bay to buy more politically correct clothing.

Unfortunately, being unaccustomed to the local culture, most of these men did not understand that one is supposed to keep one's shorts on while shopping for replacement garments!

"I love garments," a voice shouted.

"Shut you cake-hole," a store clerk replied. "No shouting aloud allowed in here, but do you have any fur pelts to trace today?"

"Of course not," they replied, "we're from Bermuda, where animals don't have furry pelts! Please accept something else in exchange for new clothing..."

A plate? OK.

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