And That's Where Babies Come From!

by Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, David Dewar, Megan Dewar, Doug Dewar, Alan Dewar, Shane Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

"And that's where babies come from!" I exclaimed, not realizing this was completely unrelated to the original question.

"Well the reason I asked was that I was once a baby and I came from Saskatoon."

"Er, yes, well, Saskatoon is a whole city, plenty of room for a... well, for instance, a Saskatoon Sasquatch womb!"

"What's a Saskatoon Sasquatch womb?" you ask. Well, I tell you...

"It is a term from another land where they only speak words full of S's and Q's and K's, like squab, squawk and Sweet Daddy Siki."

"It sounds like that would suck," I noted, as I pondered the notion of squeaky squids' kids' socks and such things.

It was hard at first.

But eventually I got used to it, and my life was lived in a sequential series of squeaky stories.

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