Mad Pikapuff

by Jeff Dewar, Alan Dewar, David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar and Bob Dewar

Pikapuff was mad. Mad, especially at Psyduck. Psyduck, especially his new toy. "Wait," thought Pikapuff. Why was she so mad? She honestly didn't know. But she was mad.

Fortunately, Dr. Foo, the brilliant psychiatrist, was in town that day. Surely he would be able to help mitigate this mental malaise, improve this inherited insanity, or in short, fix this flaming fool.

"First, we'll have to get you thinking in full sentences," Dr. Foo advised. Yes, good idea that; er, no, yes, that's a good idea...

No one thinks in full sentences -- or even talks in full sentences -- not all the time. Our whole society would be in a state of inertia if we had to operate under such a constriction. And, besides, that's not what's important right now. What we have to discover is -- why was Pikapuff mad?

It seemed obvious that he was "mad" because he spoke only Esperanto, so no one else in town could understand him. But he eventually learned enough Japanese to talk with the 3 Japanese folks in town, so he changed his name to Toto and lived happily ever after.
The end.

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