Woodchuck's Sprinkler

by Alan Dewar, David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Bob Dewar and Jeff Dewar

"Oh, look," said Rabbit, "Woodchuck left his sprinkler on and he's getting the sidewalk all wet! What should we do, Skunk?"

"I dunno," said Skink, "maybe we could ask him to turn it off."
"I didn't ask you -- hey, where's Skunk?"

"Let's just follow the smell -- we're sure to find him. In the meantime, someone should wade through that water and turn off the sprinkler. Hey -- wait a sec! The water turned into maple syrup. What's next??"

So Rabbit ran into the house and brought out the waffles. All the neighbours gathered around for a Stampede breakfast, even though it was not Stampede week.

Then Woodchuck told them about his big bottle of food colouring, which had been in the garden. He turned off the sprinkler, and a fish came out of the water with the bottle in its mouth. "Oh, thank you," said Woodchuck, and started pumping all the coloured water out. Rabbit found Skunk, and Skink found his way home.
The End

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