Not Avon Calling

by Mary Lou Dewar, David Dewar, Bob Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Alan Dewar

"Oh no! It's Monday and time for work, but I forgot to do my laundry and now I have no clean clothes. What should I do?" exclaimed Alan.

After several frantic minutes of thought, Alan remembered an important detail: this workplace allows telecommuting! Everyone knows that telecommuting means clothing is optional. Relieved of the burden of panic, Alan got ready for the morning's big Skype meeting with the Board of Directors.

But the Board folks could see Alan's face on the big screen and were dismayed that he had not cleaned behind his ears before the meeting. But how could they know that? It was because the backs of his ears were visible in the mirror behind him. So the Board then took a drastic step....

Alan was given an unprecedented 2-hour-long time out, had his video game privileges taken away for the day, and was ordered to take another shower, and do it right this time! Alan was stunned. Never had the Board issued such harsh punishment, and over such a trivial matter! Something wasn't right here.

Further investigation revealed that Alan had entered an incorrect URL in his browser and was meeting with the wrong Board of Directors. Instead of meeting the Axon board, he was meeting the Avon board. The Avon cosmetics company's standards were much different from those of the Axon software company, whose directors all had a good laugh (and an occasional snort) when Alan explained all this to them.

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