Maybe It's Not the Haste After All

by David Dewar, Bonnie Liesemer, Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar and Alan Dewar

"Right," said Fred, "give a shout for Charlie," and up came Charlie from the floor below. Then the three of us had our seventh cup of tea of the session.

After seven cups of tea we all need a bathroom break. By the time we got back we had a visitor. A pink elephant was sitting on the now flattened table.

Charlie looked at his coffee cup. Perhaps I did, too. Then Fred confronted the elephant.
"Right," said Fred, "take the pachyderm out! This here pachyderm's gonna have to go!"
Tried to shove it, pulling from above it, but it got us nowhere, and so we had a cup o' tea, and...

finally called the fire department to remove the beast. "No way I'm going anywhere," shouted Pachy.
"Must find another solution," said Fred. So they sent for a rhino. That mean guy soon chased the elephant away. But now they were stuck with this big mean critter.

Fred knew just the solution needed -- a white lab rat. He phoned a lab technician who lived nearby and arranged for the delivery of one rat ASAP. Within two minutes, the front doorbell rang and Fred rushed to take delivery of the tiny mite which could solve their problem. Imagine his horror when he opened the door to find

not just one rat, but, due to his unfortunate stuttering condition which kicked in when he was especially nervous, one million one hundred eleven thousand one hundred eight rats (three had gotten lost on the way), all of which now piled into the house. "Oh dear," said Fred, as the rhino bolted out the back door, "we should have stuck with the elephant."

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