Theo Pulls Through

by Alan Dewar, David Dewar, Bonnie Liesemer, Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

"Eek!" cried Sally as she rolled down the mountain. "A mouse!" But the mouse was no ordinary mouse -- at least, not for long, as Sally rolled over it and squashed the poor thing.

Fortunately for little Theo (that was the mouse's name), Sally the Overweight Armadillo had smushed him into a rich vein of radioactive Fictonium, and so what could have been a fatal incident instead granted Theo the necessary super-powers to pull through unscathed!

This was fortunate because Theo was on his way to save the world. Well, actually on his way to protest the destruction of the swamp land not far from his home. Humans, who seem to need a lot of space, wanted to build houses right beside the swamp.

Thanks to his new superpowers, he'd surely succeed in stopping the humans' evil deforestation plot! There was just one problem -- what, exactly, were his superpowers? For that matter, what was the Fictonium he was in? Well, clearly one of his superpowers was either super strength, or invincibility. The Fictonium must be a liquid, because he was swimming, and its radioactivity was obvious...

As it turned out, he had superstrength -- not muscle power, but a super strong smell. With that, he was able to repel any animal or human who might harm him. Unfortunately, this meant even his friends shunned him. This led him in search of a super strength deodorant.

"I'd better ask Herbert to help me," he thought. He knew that Herbert was famous for his ingenious solutions to problems.
"Of course I can help" was Herbert's reply to Theo's request. "All you have to do is bathe in vinegar. The acid will neutralize the stink chemicals." Sure enough, the bath worked -- with only one unfortunate side-effect. It turned Theo into an exact replica of Sally.

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