Ugluk L'Mogri, the Random Overlord

by Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar and David Dewar

"Do you think you can beat me?!" exclaimed the incarnation of randomness as he prepared to battle the oncoming Sanean army. Five seconds later, the Sanean army retreated.

But they only retreated for a short time when they hid behind the mulberry bushes. That upset brother rabbit who lived under the nearest bush. Rabbit spread the word about these intruders and soon all manner of wild creatures were attacking the army.

This, of course, is exactly what the incarnation of randomness had been counting on: a random influx of random attackers doing random things to defeat the well-organized Sanean army. What he had failed to consider, however, was what would happen when the frightened Sanean started running off randomly themselves.

"WHOO!!!TM Party!!"
The incarnation had not merely defeated, but converted the Saneans! This called for a party! And so he released the Chaseable Paper Bag, and spent the next week running randomly along with his former foes.

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