The Green Monster

by Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar, David Dewar and Jeff Dewar

Upon seeing the green monster in the lake, Freddy gasped in horror. "It's back," he cried, at which point Sally aimed her pea shooter at the monster's head. You'll never guess what happened then...

"Stop!" cried the monster. "Stop shooting peas at me! I wasn't green before you came along with that pea shooter, you know. In fact..." But Freddy and Sally were unable to hear him over the rapid fire of Sally's semi-automatic pea-projecting weapon, and thus failed to discover the monster's real secret.

"Fine," the wounded monster muttered to itself. "I won't tell them about the Great-ish Chartreuse Creature that is at this moment preparing to eat their young. They wouldn't be grateful anyway!"

At this point, Freddy turned to Sally. "Think we should check on our Great-ish Chartreuse Monster Traps?"
Sally stopped firing and nodded. "He's probably attacked by now."
As Freddy and Sally wandered off, the green monster just sighed. "That's right, go beat up ol' Charley the Chartreuse, don't bother finishing off Pea-Green Percy..." So Percy (the Pea-green Platypus) went off to commune with Wanda the White Wizard and Barry the Brown Beaver.

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