Mikey Ocelot's Cough

by Alan Dewar, David Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Bob Dewar

Once upon a time, in a remote valley far away in the mountains, there lived a little girl and her pet ocelot, Mikey. The valley was very remote, and so the little girl, whose name was Suzy, had to rely on Mikey's hunting skills to supply them both with food. However, one spring day, Mikey came down with a cold, and Suzy had to figure out some way to take care of him.

Try as she might, Suzy could not catch the wild roaming cough drops. Poor Mikey desperately needed fresh cough drop meat! As she sat pondering her predicament, Suzy suddenly came up with a brilliant plan involving a sieve, a jar of mayonnaise, the local river and five meters of Silly String...

As Suzy set up her trap, she noticed a large neon sign that said "FREE COUGH DROPS." Suzy, however, never learned to read English, which is fortunate as the neon sign led to a trap that the cough drops had set! Suzy shrugged, and sang an old Japanese tune while waiting to catch some cough drops.

Eventually she caught 8 cough drops and quickly took them back to Mikey. He swallowed one but quickly gagged on it. "That's the wrong flavour" he shouted. "I need lemon drops, not these orange ones." So Suzy went off to find lemon drops. The latest report is that she is still searching and Mikey is still coughing.

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