Why the World is so Messed Up

by David Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar and Alan Dewar

"Wow!" Gerry exclaimed as their ride on the Roller Coaster of Ultimate Thrill finally concluded. "That was like Hell on steroids, which themselves were on steroids, which in turn were on..."
"Actually, it's just Hell. Welcome."

"Wow! It's Satan!"
"No, I'm just his secretary. Name's Hades."
"Hold on," cut in a third party, "I though Hades was the Greek god death, essentially the Greek version of Satan!"
"Well," explained Hades, getting up from his desk, "that's actually a rather funny story involving my latest Poker game with Lucifer."

You see, Lucifer had 3 aces and 2 queens, so he beat Jo-Jo who had only 3 queens and 2 10's. Thus Lucifer won and the prize was a trip from Hades, another name for Regina.

The trip involved a boat ride down the river Styx, by which the damned are carried into Hell, but a translation error rendered this as a hell of a good ride beside a dam built of sticks. Satan refused to admit that any such error could occur, and so, things remain in a state of eternal confusion. You, Gerry, are hereby condemned to spend maternity in a searing pan.

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