Sally's Big Change

by Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Jenni Dewar, Pascal, Alice Wachter and Bob Dewar

One fine day, Sally Samantha Struthers woke up, saw the sun shining through her bedroom window, and exclaimed, "This is the day I change my life!"

She started by changing her clothes, then changed her hair color, changed her nail polish, changed her clothes again, had a sex change, and then, unfortunately, changed her mind.

Now Sally, who had already become Sammy, had to figure out how to change everything back. As he thought about it, he headed down to 7-11 for a new Yu-Gi-Oh! booster pack from the new set, Legacy of Darkness. He was really surprised to see what was inside.

It was not Yu-Gi-Oh cards, as he had expected, but a note, and a certificate that said "winner!" He was about to ask about this when he realized the note would explain it all.

The note read: "This is the day that your life will change forever!! Dial 1-800-862-0000 to see how!"
"Oh crummy! I've had enough changes for one day." Always being the risk taker, Sammy decided to try it anyway. He picked up the phone, dialed, and...

On the line was one of the organisers of Yu-Gi-Oh! Challenge who needed new recruits in his team. Strong fan who dedicated his life to the game so far. Mister X asked Sally...

Sally still wasn't happy and yearned for a new and wonderful experience. "I know," said Sally, "I want to become a cat. A cat gets so much affection. Is this possible?" she asked.

"No, it is not. We only change people into pigs," was the reply.
"Well, OK," said Sally. "Make me into Miss Piggy."
That's what happened, and she lived in a pig sty for ever more -- a much bigger life change than Sally ever expected.

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