Why Franky Is a Little Strange

by Jenni Dewar, Pascal, Alice Wachter, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar and David Dewar

It was the kind of night where anything could happen. I felt a chill run down my spine. I glanced out the window and noticed my enormous cat looking out too. All of his fur was standing on end. What was that out in the yard?

The color of this moving form was so beautiful, that I was not sure if I wanted to get a closer look or call for help. It was scary and peaceful at the same time.

I believe a UFO has landed -- the lights were blinding and these strange creatures were heading towards me.

All of a sudden there was an earthquake and all these creatures and their UFO were swallowed up. Then something weird happened.

A rainbow of bubble bath came spurting up out of the crevasse. The great thing about it was that each colour had a different floral aroma. It delighted every sense of my being.

My cat, however, was not so delighted. The bubble bath had the effect of catnip, and he bolted out the window, shattering the glass in the process, and scurried into the crevasse after the aliens.

The aliens must have thought my cat was one of the more intelligent beings on this planet, because they spoke to it in a strange alien tongue. Surprisingly, Franky talked back!

"Meow, meow ffft fffft purrr?" she said calmly. The aliens were about to answer (don't ask how I know it was a question), when a large meteorite hit the spaceship, causing an explosion that gave all the aliens concussions and knocked my poor kitty onto the roof. To this day only Franky and I know about the aliens; even the aliens themselves believe they are normal kittens who are just taking a long time to grow up.
       (not) the End!

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