Without Oxygen and Clothes

by Pascal, Alice Wachter, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar and Jenni Dewar

Mommy Caribou and Baby Caribou were walking on the side of the river when they saw something on the river.

It looks like it might be a Yeti. Mommy Caribou grabbed her baby and ran along the shore. The Yeti suddenly stopped and ran after them.

At that point Spiderman jumped on the Yeti and bit her on the bum. That stopped Yeti cold... until suddenly...

She awoke with a burst of energy. "You're in big trouble now," screamed the Yeti. "The Rule of the Yeti states that someone who bites a Yeti on the bum has to climb Mount Everest bare naked."

"Oh, no!" exclaimed Spiderman. "That would give away my secret identity!" Nevertheless, he took off his clothes, and headed up the mountain, pausing only long enough to grab Baby Caribou to carry in front of his face so that nobody would recognize him.

His wife, howver, recognized parts of him. Thankfully, she had no idea why he was climbing bare naked.

She also had no idea why she was wearing a wedding ring, for the two had been drunk when they had gotten married, and she was still experiencing a hangover. But back to Spiderman, who was about to finish his task...

Spiderman used his web spinning powers to reach the top more quickly. Little did he know the press heard about a Yeti sighting and had rushed to the scene. When they arrived they saw (and filmed) a naked man and a baby caribou rapidly scaling Mount Everest. The event was broadcast live to the entire world. And this is how Spiderman became "The caribou carrying, shaven Yeti who climbed Mount Everest in 10 and a half minutes."

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