Search for the Lost Ark

by Alice Wachter, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Jenni Dewar, Pascal and Alice Wachter (again)

Dinner was wonderful, everyone agreed. The hostess then invited everyone into the study for coffee. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the front door and a gust of wind blew open the French doors.

There stood the old man of the mountain, Ed Hillary. "How was your latest climb?" asked the hostess.
"It was scary, because we were attacked by a Yeti," said Ed. "And guess what we did to defend ourselves."

"You discovered that the Yeti has a fondness for cauliflower cheese served in a scooped out melon?"

"Close, but it was broccoli, not cauliflower. While the Yeti was distracted, we ran up the mountain and down the other side. Unfortunately, we ran into something pretty scary there, too."

"A goat?"
"No, our mothers!"
"Oh my!"

"After escaping from the Chastizing Mothers of Doom, we stopped near a stream to catch our breath. However, we didn't have long to rest, because it was a new moon that night, and that was the phase when the Ghost Ship was known to appear there."

Suddenly, there it was! Several stories and legends have been spoken about the ghost ship but the truth was more than could be imagined. The boat was filled with thousands of tiny dogs resembling greyhounds.

The tiny dogs, like a cavalry, jumped out of the ship, trumpet on hand, and formed a big circle around us. Our protectors had arrived to save the day!

They herded us then to the boat and as they started looking around they realized that they had finally found the lost Ark and right in front of them was Noah.

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