The Guy

by Raylene, Elliot, Lizzy, Gwen, David, Liam and Taylor

The guy woke up and found his mom sick, and had to go to the emergency.

At the emergency room, there were people of all kinds, in various states of health. "The guy" was scared he might become ill as well. He didn't like the smell of hospitals at all. Just as he was worrying about becoming ill, a green M&M candy popped out of his nose.

All of a sudden, all of these different colors of M&M candies were coming out of his nose. Then they started dancing and singing. He didn't know what to do.

It became obvious that this wasn't a "real" emergency room at all. "The guy" had accidentally stumbled into a fourth dimension where no one was ill for more than a day. This was the "High Glycemic Dimension" where candy was medicine rather than poison and could cure all ills.

Unfortunately, "The Guy" didn't particularly like candy, so he stepped across dimensions again, this time to a world where all virii, germs, and such things were extinct, except one: smallpox.

Guy, whose surname was Pearce, was beginning to catch on to the vagaries of "the game," and the queer sound editing and home-video style cinematography gave credence to his burgeoning disquiet.
"Okay, the backwards-running frames were all conceptual, and kinda cool, but this crap about smallpox? Who invited Kevin Costner to this filum? Where's Soderbergh? Who's in charge here? Give me a moody, depressing role? I can do comedy! I want a decent script."

"The guy" could no longer tolerate these working conditions. He was forced to take deadly action. He grabbed the script in all of its beer-stained incredibly hard fashion, and hurled it at the writer and sawed off his head. Blood flew in every which direction. A team of security guards burst in through the studio door. They instantly drew their weapons and shot "The guy" several times. He began to fall into blackness, surrendering himself to the end. And suddenly, he awoke to realize it was all a dream.
Moral of the story: never try.

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