The New Student

by Elliot, Lizzy, Gwen, David, Liam, Taylor and Raylene

One day, a classroom received a new member, Biff. Biff was a strikingly good-looking individual, and everyone enjoyed his company. Biff liked his new surroundings, and looked forward to his future in the classroom.

When he went into the classroom the next day, he discovered that no one was there. He wondered why no one was at school on a Tuesday. Then he realized that they were mistaken by his "good looks."

The class had realized that he was really a charming werewolf, and since the full moon was due, they had temporarily relocated to a classroom in the basement. Biff began to cry.

"Don't worry," said Biff's friend, Zelda the Faerie. "They're scared, and justifiably so, but they know you are kind in your normal, human form, and that they are safe all but one day of the month. All they ask is that you lock yourself up one day a month, on the full moon. Well, except Nasty Ned, but who really cares what he thinks?"

"Come again?" replied a preoccupied Biff, who was admiring his reflection in the bald pate of the school's janitor, Sheila.
"You know, there really isn't a reason to cry; I have all the worldly things anyone is wont to want." Tossing a perfectly-turned curl of his saxon hair back over his broad shoulders, he burst into laughter. "And all the otherworldly charms to subdue any certain female."
Sheila started as coarse black fur sprouted from Biff's deep, oiled chest.

She was awe-struck by the power and attractiveness of his body. His rippling muscles, his beautiful toothy smile. She was drawn to him, closer, ... closer. She was less than a foot away. She stared into Biff's "dreamy" eyes and leaned ever closer. So close now, she closed her eyes and went the final distance.

She leaned into Biff and said, "I have to go." Biff saw here closing the door and his heart started to break into pieces.

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