The Multicoloured Frog

by Lizzy, Gwen, David, Liam, Taylor, Raylene and Elliot

Once upon a time, there was a young frog named Prince. He was very different than any other frog because he wasn't green. He was purple with pink spots, and everyone made fun of him.

At first, Prince felt sad about this. He noticed that when sadness overcame him, his spots turned blue! This intrigued him, and then he noticed that his spots changed to neon orange! He still felt slightly jealous of the other frogs, and "BAM" -- green spots. Not bad! Unfortunately, at that point, he fell off his lily pad and red spots accompanied the anger that coursed through his veins.

Strangely enough, though his spots changed colour with his emotions, his skin stayed purple until a fisher caught him in a net, and he was splattered with mixed emotions.

So complex was his colouring that the fisherman mistook him for biological contraband.
"Hey Jeff, man, check this toad out!"
"Whoa, that's one of them crazy Africano happy toads, right? You know, happy toads?"
The ill-bred duo were afloat in a crudely-patched rubber dinghy, passing illegally through an aboriginal preserve. Burlap sacks spilled their leafy contents towards the stern.

Jeff lunged for his sack and revealed a harpoon gun... (pause for dramatic effect). He quickly aimed at the multi-coloured Rastafarian amphibian. He speared the animal right through the midsection and reeled it in. Upon arriving at the ship, the animal spat a gob of poisonous acid/venom at its captors. Ezekiel dodged the blast while Jeff got it right between the eyes. A hole was burned right through Jeff's face; he was dead instantly. Ezekiel dove for his leafy sack and, in a desperate attempt to rectify the situation, from his sack he drew...

...another frog which was multicoloured. Jeff heard a loud noise and then went towards the sound. The frog then jumped out of Jeff's hand and went away.

Where was the frog going? Judging by the red and green spots, he was happy to be out on his own, following his own path. Maybe he was on his way to take from the rich and give to the poor? Who know... Stay tuned.

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