Chicken or Fish?

by Gwen, David, Liam, Taylor, Raylene, Elliot and Lizzy

Once upon a time, there was a very unique group of people. They were seven in number, beautiful, strong, intelligent, and creative.

They were known as the Elves of Mystery, and, indeed, each had different mystical powers. They were all happy together until they met the "Dark Elf."

Dark was his complexion, and darker still his mind. The filth of his rags was an understated testament to the rotten and uncouth aspect of his mind. Villainy was his objective, and his words were honeyed trifles spilling from a poisoned tongue.
"Chicken, or fish?"

The heroes paused at the question. Their fate could be determined by this single inquiry. They could collectively see down the path of the future, forking this way and that. "Chicken or fish?" Chicken, a pathway would close and another would present itself. A limitless world of possibilities presented itself. But, alas, thy had no more time to choose, a decision had to be made... now!

As the heroes think about their future, the question of chicken or fish. They had to decide which they liked more, but then they thought and have never had chicken or fish, so what would they choose?

What will be easier to hunt? What animal is closest? What is the easiest to prepare? What spices and seasonings do we have to go with either? Who let the dogs out?

So many questions, so little time. Will we ever know what come first, the chicken or th fish? Maybe some day we'll figure it out, but until then?

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