The Second Attempt

by David, Liam, Taylor, Raylene, Elliot, Lizzy and Gwen

"Once again, my excellent friends, you are being given the chance to star in a story. And so, finally, it begins..."

As it has before, and will yet again. But then, it did so all the time. I couldn't raise a glass to my lips without hearing it. Or hearing about it. Everything she had to say somehow came back to it. 'It' was the question behind the question, the unspoken reason for all her insipid queries into whatever she sees in my persona. Why can't she let it be? Why, if nothing else, did it matter? I wanted to do something terrible.

It began all at the beginning before anything else ever was. Before the chicken or the egg, before the first things, before everything. But who created it all? Before there was anything there had to be something to make it. Chicken and the egg still ruled, even at the very beginning. And thus my terrible story continued from there.

In the beginning it was the chicken and the egg, but what came after the chicken and the egg, man, I dunno.

Oh wait, I do know! The chicken is my uncle and the egg is my cousin... Therefore... I should really take their advice and try to write about something else, like Ben Affleck.

Did you know he was going to get married to J. Lo, then he wasn't, then he was again, then he wasn't; anyway, while we're talking about important people, did you know that Barbie and Ken broke up?

This all makes sense!!! Because, you see, Barbie and Ken are it! They are the chicken and the egg. They have been and they always will be. Ben and J. Lo worship and imitate Barbie and Ken in their most artificial moments! Barbie and Ken will rise up from the ashes and stomp this story into "its" place.
     The End.

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