The Stoop

by Alan Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, David Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Bob Dewar

Once upon a midday sunny, while I pondered, calm and funny,
Over many a great and glorious volume of delicious soup,
While I sat there, crackers flinging, suddenly there came a ringing,
As of someone wildly singing, singing on my kitchen stoop.
"'Tis some silly bird," I muttered, "singing on my kitchen stoop.
Only this, but I'll go snoop."

With bated breath,
For fear of death,
I headed south
Right into the mouth
Of a ...

giant cave!
It was concave!
While moisture dripped,
I feared I'd have slipped,
When out of the darkness came ...

Nothing. Nothing. What a shame.
I heard the singing one again,
From somewhere deep within the den,
That had appeared in my kitchen stoop.
"Strange," said I, "but I shall snoop."

And when I went outside to snoop
Some nasty critter had taken a poop
So I went to find my trusty scoop
To clean that mess from off my stoop.

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