The Twitch

by Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Bob Dewar and Alan Dewar

One day, about 3 hours before noon, Jim Bill Joe-Bob was walking along. Suddenly, he slapped himself. "Ow! Hey, who did that?"...

Obviously, he had multiple personalities. However, as is sometimes the case, what was obvious was also untrue. Actually it was a muscle twitch, a common mistake on Jim's part.

In order to cure his muscle twitch Jim Bill Joe-Bob consulted an acupuncturist. She poked 47 needles into his left arm and right big toe. Thereafter, he only had muscle twitches on Hallowe'en.

Still, this was an embarrassment, since he would go up to a door, be handed a candy, and inadvertently fling it across the yard, or mash it into his face. By the end of the night, local yards were covered in chocolate, and his face was covered in bees, who mistook the chocolate for pollen. Being fed up with this, Jim Bill Joe-Bob had his arm amputated and lived happily ever after.

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