The Survivors

by David Dewar, Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar and Jeff Dewar

Twice upon a time, some whozzit did wazzit and the whole werezzit went Kablooie. This story concerns the second wenzzit, where there were exactly 6 survivors.

Four of the 6 survivors were wombats, but they could not swim well enough to escape the forest fire, so they baked. The other two hid under a stone until it began to snow and put out the fire.

With the fire out, the two wombats cautiously emerged and started to explore their surroundings. Only one tree was left standing, and it was a petrified tree. The wombats climbed up to the top of the petrified tree and were spotted by a passing eagle.

Or so they thought. It turns out the eagle was really a third wombat, one that wore a 'flying suit'. The wombat came down and offered the others 'flying suits' as well. When they put them on, they finally got off the island. The island was called 'Earth', wombats one and two were named Adam and Eve, and wombat three had the initials G.O.D. This is purely a coincidence.

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