Going to the Dogs

by Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar and David Dewar

On a hot winter day the rain was coming down so hard it washed away the local drug store, spilling drugs on the street. Every dog in town gobbled up various pills. Some dogs then slept for 2 days; others had vision problems and walked into cats.

The local veterinarians had their hands full, trying to treat these dogs for multiple cat scratches, especially since the prescriptions for antibiotics could not be filled, given that all the antibiotics had been at the now-defunct drug store. Fortunately, a newcomer to town happened to have a solution.

His name was Month. With him came his father's brother's aunt's nephew, Week. They sat down 7 of the days (the rest were in the hospital) and started talking about the problem.

"Just commit genocide to put the whole species out of their misery," they told governor Moo; and, not fully understanding, he agreed. There has never been a dog in that town since; and Month, Week, Day, Year, Decade, Millennium, and anyone else thought to be their relative were banished from town. Even Meter.

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