Joey the Squirrel

by Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Jeff Dewar, and David Dewar

It was late Spring, and the forest was in full blossom. All the cute little forest beasties were out and about, frolicking through the trees -- except Joey the squirrel.

Joey was mildly retarded and was still hibernating, thinking it was still winter. Then Benny Bear gave a big roar and woke Joey up. At that point he rushed off to Tim Horton's for a coffee to wake him up properly.

The only problem was that the people in Tim Horton's weren't keen on having a squirrel in the place. One of the cooks grabbed some giant tongs, and swooped down on Joey with them. Just as he was about to toss Joey in the garburetor, Benny arrived.

Benny, however, wasn't much help. He only sat down and ate someone's Timbits. However, this distracted the cook long enough for Joey to escape. Well, Joey got to the door, at least...

But that's not the same as the doorway, which was two inches to the left. He flattened his head, which somehow made him smarter! He escaped through the window and invented the wheel. He lived happily ever after, but not as long as he would have liked because the bump on the head gave him cancer. Oh well.

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