WaRp3d We4tHeR

by Jeff Dewar, Cindy Fleming, Mary Lou Dewar, Kristina Brown, Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar and David Dewar

It was a bright and stormy dusk, but only for ten minutes a day. The rest of that week was also bright and stormy, and the lack of dusk on Tuesday had us kind of worried.

The dark clouds had encompassed the sky. Rumbles of thunder could be heard in the distance.

Something was definitely wrong! Herman could feel it in his bones. Never before had he witnessed such a combination of conditions. He decided to...

take cover under the nearest tree, but to his surprise, a family of beavers had already taken shelter there.

Seeing no other hiding opportunities, Herman disguised himself as a beaver and casually sauntered in, hoping the other beavers wouldn't notice. Unfortunately, it turned out that these beavers were in fact responsible for the odd changes to the weather, and they did not take kindly to Herman's intrusion.

So they began to chew at his wooden leg. "Ouch," cried Herman. "I think that hurts."
"How can you tell?" queried Mrs. Beaver. Poor Herman didn't know how to answer that one, so he made up the most atrocious lie.

The beavers discussed his claim among themselves.
"$#* $#^%) $!#^$ @%% &$!# %&)@@#$."
"$&#@ ^#$ &%( $#!&$ % $#&$ %$#& $#&%(."
Panicking about being unable to comprehend his hosts' words and gestures, Herman quite suddenly fled. Mrs. B. cried after him, "Wait! Help us figure out how to fix the weather machine!" But Herman was already gone.

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