CUUG Past Meetings

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October 2018: The Top 20 Cyberattacks on Industrial Control Systems, Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions
September 2018: The Importance of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Management, Fady Bashay, Senior Security Consultant, Difenda Inc.


June 2018: Google Vision AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself) Kit, Christian Falkenberg-Andersen
May 2018: Home Network Intrusion Detection and Malware Mitigation, Greg King, Retired IT infrastructure consultant
April 2018: IoT Ransomware - We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (or Have We?), Tom Keenan, Professor, University of Calgary
March 2018: Thwarting Return Oriented Programming (ROP) Attacks, Theo de Raadt, Founder, OpenBSD
February 2018: 13 Ways To Break A Firewall, With Live Demonstrations, Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions
January 2018: Designing and Building Printed Circuit Boards on a Shoestring Budget, Chuck Rohs, Endpoint Security Developer, Cisco Systems, Inc.
December 2017: CUUG December Holiday Season Social Evening
November 2017: How To Train Your Modern C++ Dragon: A Guided Tour in The Zoo of Wild Language Constructs, Dr. Thierry Lavoie, Ph.D., Manager - Static Analysis Technologies (SAT), Synopsys
October 2017: Public Key Infrastructure, Fady Bashay, Senior Security Consultant, Paladion Cyber Security Experts
September 2017: Building a Dumb Web Server, and Why That Can Be a Smart Thing to Do, Alan Dewar, President, Calgary UNIX Users' Group


June 2017: SCADA Security - What's Broken and How To Fix It, Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions
May 2017: How to over-engineer a coffee machine and other gadgets, Chuck Rohs, Endpoint security developer, Cisco Systems, Inc.
April 2017: YYCIX: Calgary Internet Exchange, Theo de Raadt, Founder, OpenBSD
March 2017: ERPNext: Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning for Small Business, John Clarke, ERPNext Champion, Consultant at Apropos Computing
February 2017: Raspberry Pi Show and Tell, Matt Mulrooney
January 2017: Configuration Management 101, Pat Valentine, Sr. Systems Administrator, Cloud Automation and Engineering, IHS
December 2016: CUUG December Holiday Season Social Evening
November 2016: O-NET: How Olds, Alberta, Acquired Town-Wide Fibre Optic Internet, Robin Harder, Chief Technologist, O-NET; and Nathan Kusiek, Director of Business Development, O-NET
October 2016: General Interactive Discussion of UNIX-Related Things
September 2016: SCADA Security - What's Broken and How To Fix It, Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions


June 2016: Configuration Management Tools in the Enterprise, Pat Valentine, Sr. Systems Administrator, Cloud Automation and Engineering, IHS
May 2016: Better than a sandbox, safer than a jail, it's ... Pledge, Theo de Raadt, Founder, OpenBSD
April 2016: General Discussion: Items in the News
March 2016: Ceph Software Defined Storage — The Future of Storage, Tomas Florian, Florian Consulting Inc.
February 2016: Strong Encryption: Good for Society?
January 2016: Hookflash and WebRTC, Trent Johnsen, Co-Founder and CEO, Hookflash
December 2015: CUUG Holiday Season Social Evening
November 2015: Technocreep, Tom Keenan, Professor, University of Calgary
October 2015: The Internet is Full! What To Do? IPv6!, Gustin Johnson
September 2015: From Calgary to Silicon Valley, Olivier Aubin, Google


June 2015: Raspberry Pi Show and Tell, Alan Dewar, President, Calgary UNIX Users' Group
May 2015: Stuxnet 5 Years Later -- Did We Learn The Right Lessons?, Andrew Ginter, Vice President of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions
April 2015: Meta-discussion
March 2015: PowerShell, Neil Glenn
December 2014: CUUG Holiday Season Social Evening
October 2014: Shellshock: UNIX Remote Exploit


June 2014: The 2013 Flood for Engineers, Roy Brander, Senior Infrastructure Engineer for Water Resources, The City of Calgary
May 2014: LibreSSL: an Open-Source Replacement for OpenSSL, Bob Beck, OpenBSD Developer and OpenBSD Foundation Director
April 2014: City Mapping with Free Software Solutions, Roy Brander, Senior Infrastructure Engineer for Water Resources, The City of Calgary
March 2014: Explaining Technically Difficult Things
February 2014: Internet Trends: Ignore Your User Base at Your Peril
December 2013: CUUG Holiday Season Social Evening
October 2013: What's Inside the Data Hive?, Marjorie Zingle, Owner and CEO,


June 2013: YYCIX - an Internet Exchange for Calgary, Theo de Raadt, Network Manager, YYCIX
May 2013: Developing Games for HTML5, Jim Parker, Lead Designer, MinkHollow Media
February 2013: Oracle Enterprise Linux, Rolawe Bakare, Systems Sales Consultant, Oracle
December 2012: CUUG Holiday Season Social Evening
October 2012: 3D Printing, Shawn Grover, open2space, Make3D
September 2012: Roundtable Discussion: Privacy on the Internet, Moderator: Mark Hewitt, Lead System Administrator, Calgary UNIX Users' Group


June 2012: PKI Encryption: More Vulnerable Than Most Imagine, Andrew Ginter, Director of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions
May 2012: A Ten-Year Retrospective: the Good, the Bad and the Legacy Trap, Theo de Raadt, Founder, OpenBSD
April 2012: OpenStack or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud, Joe Topjian, Cybera
February 2012: Speaking Your Language, Ian Graham, Developer, Risk Analytics, Markit
January 2012: Un-redacting documents using Web Inference, Rei Safavi-Naini, iCORE Chair in Information Security, University of Calgary
December 2011: CUUG Holiday Season Social Evening
November 2011: An Oracle Open World Update, Rolawe Bakare, Systems Sales Consultant, Oracle
October 2011: R.I.P. Dennis Ritchie, Father of UNIX, Alan Dewar, President, Calgary UNIX Users' Group
September 2011: Attack Trees - Thinking Like an Attacker, Terry Ingoldsby, President, Amenaza Technologies Limited


June 2011: Crowdsourcing, Todd Courtnage and Jaime Soulodre, Chaordix
May 2011: IPv6 - Is it finally arriving?, Mark Hewitt CD, computer & network professional
April 2011: OpenBSD Q&A with Theo de Raadt, Theo de Raadt, Founder, OpenBSD
March 2011: The Stuxnet Worm: Most Sophisticated Malware Ever?, Andrew Ginter, CTO, Abterra Technologies
February 2011: Cloud Computing, Tom Malaher, NetStart Consulting Ltd.
January 2011: SQLite for Sysadmin and Non-Programmers, Yves Dorfsman, SollerS
December 2010: Internet at Sea, Roy Brander, Calgary UNIX Users' Group
November 2010: Update on Solaris Technology and Direction, Linda Kateley, North American OS Pillar Specialist, Oracle
October 2010: GPU Computing, Chris Mason, Acceleware
September 2010: Stupid Browser Tricks: Fun and Games with JavaScript, Alan Dewar, Calgary UNIX Users' Group


June 2010: Facebook and FarmVille, Dick Miller, Calgary UNIX Users' Group


November 2008: How can Web Services be saved from themselves?, Paul Gordon, PhD student, University of Calgary
October 2008: Technical Sharing, Alan Dewar, Yves Dorfsman, Harold Ditchfield, Hrvoje Lukatela
September 2008: CUUG Show & Tell, CUUG CRC volunteers


June 2008: A Linux Only Enterprise -- 8 years and counting, Ron Visser (Founder and CEO) and Shane Denovan (CTO), Beyond Compliance Inc.
May 2008: Software Development and the Law, George Wowk, Duckworth & Palmer
April 2008: IBM POWER Technology: Past, Present, and Future, Ray Williams, IBM
March 2008: High Performance Computing and Linux, Peter Madden, IBM
February 2008: CUUG Open House
January 2008: Linux4Kids, Kin Wong, Calgary Linux Users Group
December 2007: Moore's Law Said It Backwards: Why Microsoft is Doomed, Roy Brander
November 2007: Military UNIX simulation, Lyle Bateman
October 2007: New Developments at MySQL, Peter Gulutzan
September 2007: Monitoring Heterogeneous IT Environments with Open Source Tools, Greg King


June 2007: FPGA Development using Open Source Tools, Andrew Seniuk
May 2007: OpenBSD Hackathon
April 2007: Open Source based Spam Filtering with Realtime Updates, Mark Leonard
March 2007: A Quick Look into HPC, Dave Tsang, IBM
February 2007: I use UNIX, so I'm Safe Forever, John Aycock
January 2007: CUUG Open House
December 2006: Open Source Desktop Software Directions, Aaron Seigo
November 2006: Solaris ZFS--The Most Advanced File System on the Planet, Curtis Eisinger, Sun Microsystems
October 2006: Open Documentation: Absolutely or Else, Theo de Raadt, OpenBSD
September 2006: Portable GUI Programming with wxWidgets, Brian Richardson


June 2006: Phoning Home with Open Source, Mike Babulic
June 2006: OpenBSD Presentation, Bob Beck, Reyk Floeter
May 2006: BrandZ - Running Linux in Solaris 10 Zones, Willem van Schaik, Sun Microsystems
April 2006: Calgary LinuxFest 2006, Shawn Grover, open2space
March 2006: WAN Acceleration, Greg King, DNS Inc.
February 2006: NikSun Systems, Ryan Sutton, Proactive Data Solutions
January 2006: Open House
December 2005: The Challenges of Enterprise Systems Development with Linux, Richard Huntrods
November 2005: LDAP for authentication in the enterprise, Harold Ditchfield, CCSI
October 2005: Asterisk™ - the Open Source PBX, Tomas Florian, Asterisk
September 2005: Subversion on Unix, Mike Mason, ThoughtWorks


June 2005: MEPIS Linux, Roy Brander
May 2005: OpenBSD's packet filter, PF, Ryan McBride, CISSP
May 2005: The Danger of Software Patents, Richard Stallman
April 2005: MySQL version 5.x, Peter Gulutzan, MySQL AB
March 2005: Freedom of Reach, Herman Oosthuysen, Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment
February 2005: Open House
January 2005: Beowulf Clusters for the Home Hobbyist, Damien Hocking, Unified Simulation Environment
December 2004: Declaration of War! Panel on operating systems
November 2004: Open Source Groupware: Kolab, Aaron Seigo and Andy Kopciuch, KDE
October 2004: Exploit Mitigation Techniques, Theo de Raadt, OpenBSD
September 2004: Apple's Unix: MacOS X Panther, Brian Richardson, Calgary UNIX Users' Group


June 2004: Microsoft Services for UNIX, Jim Sullivan, Microsoft
May 2004: City of Calgary Goes Linux...and saved millions, Ian Lofthouse, City of Calgary
April 2004: Unix Servers into Unix Services, Glenn Bontje, Hewlett-Packard
March 2004: Making the Matrix: How We Did It, Andrew Pearce, ESC Entertainment
February 2004: How We Manage $3 Billion Of Water Mains, With Unix Servers and GIS Maps, Roy Brander, City of Calgary
January 2004: Agile Methods, Grigori Melnik, Calgary Agile Methods User Group
November 2003: CUUG Open House
September 2003: Novell, Linux and Lawsuits, Michael Subasic, Novell


June 2003: Board of Directors Elections
May 2003: Legal Aspects of Open Source Software, Colin McDonald, Borden Ladner Gervais (LLP)
March 2003: Implementing Oracle on Solaris - a tutorial for SysAdmins, Roland Davis and Paul MacPherson, Sun Microsystems
February 2003: OpenBSD Developments, Theo de Raadt, OpenBSD
January 2003: BizGuardian VPN FreeBSD-based Firewall, Steve Drew, BizGuardian VPN Firewall, and Michael Zaleski, Firewall Security Solutions, Inc.
December 2002: Securing Wireless Communications, Mike Neudoerffer, NON-ELEPHANT Encryption Systems (NE2)
November 2002: HP's Linux strategy, Calvin Wong, Hewlett-Packard
October 2002: Annual Open House
September 2002: Mac OS X.2 and Open Source, Brian Hutchison and John Danty, Apple Canada


June 2002: Elections to CUUG's Board of Directors
May 2002: Sun Microsystems, Cobalt Servers, Java, Linux and Network Computing, Roland Davis and Paul MacPherson, Sun Microsystems
April 2002: CUUG, COMPAQ and the Bethany Care Centre
March 2002: The Furby's New Mind, Jeffery Gibbons
February 2002: Linux Distributions, Calgary Linux Users Group
January 2002: Assessing IT Risk with Threat Trees, Terry Ingoldsby, DCExperts and Amenaza Technologies
December 2001: Open Source / Open Standards - The Alternative to Microsoft, Richard Huntrods
November 2001: An overview of encryption methods, the big picture, Dr. Mario A. Forcinito, NON-ELEPHANT Encryption Systems (NE2)
October 2001: Backup and Recovery - then and NOW! Glenn Stur_tevant, Hewlett-Packard
September 2001: Open House


June 2001: eBusiness Process Integration, Steve Heckbert, Verano
May 2001: Cfengine - computer immune system, Peter Jarmola, GE Capital ITS
April 2001: High Performance Computing... a Historical Review, Jim Himer, Sun Microsystems
March 2001: Porting and interoperability between UNIX and NT systems, Ric Lam, COMPAQ
February 2001: P-Synch, Idan Shoham, M-Tech
January 2001: Building a firewall for small networks, Roy Brander
December 2000: OpenBSD Security, Theo de Raadt, OpenBSD
November 2000: Managing Technology with Open Source Tools, Aaron Seigo, Mount Linux
October 2000: SuperDome, Neil Kosman, Hewlett-Packard
September 2000: Merging SCO's Unix and Linux, Kirk J. Farquhar, SCO


June 2000: Unix Education Trends - A view from the Hill, Richard Huntrods, SAIT
May 2000: Getting the Message: Email is Dangerous, Stephen Louie, GE Capital Services
April 2000: UNIX The COMPAQ Way: News and Views, Dave Hornford, COMPAQ
March 2000: What's New in SunOS 5.8, Bryan Cantrill, Sun Microsystems
February 2000: Securing the Perimeter (or How to Build a Decent Moat), Terry Ingoldsby
January 2000: Case Study: Building a Local Area Network (LAN)
December 1999: What is Mac OS X Server, Brian Hutchison, Apple Canada
November 1999: How Computer Technology Benefits the Visually Impaired, and How it is Employed, Caprina Weibe
October 1999: Systems Management in UNIX environments, Greg King, Hewlett-Packard
September 1999: How the city is wired and general communications issues, Dave Thomson and Ken Sackley, AT&T (formerly Metronet)

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