CUUG Meetings: 2000-2001
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Next meeting: Tuesday June 26
LOCATION: Basement Room 1, W.R. Castell Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE

Speaker: Steve Heckbert Director of Industry Development for
CUUG's newest and first purely software-based Diamond sponsor.

Topic: eBusiness Process Integration

Visibility and integration of a company's data, from the plant floor to the enterprise level, have become more and more essential as increasing competition and declining margins necessitate significant improvements to corporate efficiency. Well-integrated data flow within a company is no longer a nice-to-have, but a key to long-term success. However, integration within a company is no longer sufficient. Global trading exchanges and economies of scale dictate that business processes and data must flow smoothly between companies as well, incorporating entire supply chains. Those companies which are best able to adopt this approach can realize a significant competitive advantage.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Steve has been involved with SCADA and Enterprise Application Integration for over fifteen years, most recently with Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies before joining Verano. Verano recently acquired Agilent's Calgary-based Application Integration Software division, adding a global portfolio of customers and strong integration expertise to its existing B2B product suite.

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Door Prizes

Next meeting: Tuesday May 22
LOCATION: Basement Room 1, W.R. Castell Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE

Speaker: Peter Jarmola of GE Capital ITS
GE Capital Services
Topic: Cfengine - computer immune system

The future of the system administration?

The number of computers connected in network communities is growing rapidly. Soon many computers will be nomadic mobile, partially connected entities. The ability to maintain and protect all of these computers is therefore increasingly difficult. The Computer Immunology project at Oslo University College is about introducing immune system technology in computers, reducing their dependency on human administrators or "doctors". Computer immunology is about creating real-time defenses against the degradation of system "health", as a result of either internal or external sources. cfengine is an actual implementation of an immune system agent that runs on computer systems all over the world.


  • Whats and whys of Computer Immunology:
    • basics of Software Robots
    • the Distributed immune system paradigm
  • Cfengine:
    • Software robot / language / Policy Engine
    • Convergence
    • Installation
    • Configuration / Examples
ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Peter Jarmola is currently a Unix System Analyst at GE Capital ITS working on HP, DEC, SUN and IBM platforms . Previously with Nortel Microelectronics, configured and maintained large heterogeneous "compute farms." Holds B.Sc. in Comp. Sci. from U of A.

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Everyone gets a Door Prize

Next meeting: Tuesday April 24
LOCATION: Basement Room 1, W.R. Castell Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE

Speaker: Jim Himer of
Sun MicroSystems Inc
Topic: High Performance Computing... a Historical Review


  • the motivation for High Performance Computing
  • architecture taxonomy
  • scalar vs. vector vs. parallel
  • compilers/languages/implementations/problems
  • benchmarks (what are they, what do they mean)
  • real world case histories
ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Jim Himer is currently the High Performance Computing Technical Specialist at Sun Microsystems of Canada. From 1989-1994, James also served on the ANSI X3J3 committee responsible for developing the Fortran 90 programming standard. He is a long standing member of the American Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

There will be a brief presentation on the Informatics/Convergence 2001 conference. Door prize: half-day pass to the conference.

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Next meeting: Tuesday March 27
LOCATION: Basement Room 1, W.R. Castell Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE

Speaker: Ric Lam of
Topic: Porting and interoperability between UNIX and NT systems

Ric is a Senior Technical Consultant with Compaq in Vancouver. Compaq, a CUUG Diamond sponsor, offers a complete range of products: from tiny PDAs through desktop PCs to powerful AlphaServers and NonStop systems. Compaq is also a leader in delivering IT solutions and support to enterprises around the world.

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Next meeting: Tuesday February 27
LOCATION: Basement Room 1, W.R. Castell Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE

Speaker: Idan Shoham of M-Tech

M-Tech makes P-Synch, an innovative cross-platform password management system. They recently used CUUG's Alpha for some porting work.

P-Synch supports over 60 types of systems including: Unix servers, Windows NT, Windows 2000 active directory, OS390 / MVS mainframes, LDAP directories, email, groupware and popular ERP applications, such as SAP and PeopleSoft.

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Next meeting: Tuesday January 23
LOCATION: Basement Room 1, W.R. Castell Central Library, 616 Macleod Trail SE

Topic: Building a firewall for small networks

Speaker: Roy Brander

Roy has built OpenBSD firewalls for himself, several friends and a one or two small businesses. Starting with an old 486 and two NIC cards, Roy will build a working firewall before your eyes.

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Next meeting: Tuesday December 12
NEW LOCATION: W.R. Castell Central Library
Basement Room 1
616 Macleod Trail SE

OpenBSD (Image from 2.8 Poster) Topic: OpenBSD

Speaker: Theo deRaadt

Theo de Raadt will talk about where the OpenBSD security audit has gotten us in the last three years, and Niels Provos _may_ talk a bit about IPSEC in OpenBSD.
OpenBSD 2.8 has just been released. OpenBSD is a free, ULTRA-SECURE, multi-platform UNIX-like operating system.
The OpenBSD project emphasizes portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and integrated cryptography. OpenBSD supports binary emulation of most programs from SVR4 (Solaris), FreeBSD, Linux, BSD/OS, SunOS and HP-UX.

Slashdot Interviews Theo deRaadt, Dec. 11

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Next meeting: Tuesday November 28
NEW LOCATION: W.R. Castell Central Library
Basement Room 1
616 Macleod Trail SE

Topic: Managing Technology with Open Source Tools

Speaker: Aaron Seigo , President of:


Aaron Seigo, a long-time enthusiast of the Open Source movement, began exploring the internet back in 1989 at the age of 11. His career started at the tender age of 16 - programming for the Government of Hawaii, developing a network system between the Government and Public Sector. He moved to Canada in 1994 where some of his achievements include: developing an extranet system for 64 Human Resource Agencies, and development of a complete front to back e-commerce solution.

In December 1999 he formed Mount Linux Inc. where he serves as the President and CEO. Mount Linux is developing a revolutionary suite of tools for network system management and automation service, that will help realize the wide-spread adoption of Linux to the mainstream.

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Next meeting: Tuesday October 24
NEW LOCATION: W.R. Castell Central Library
Basement Room 1
616 Macleod Trail SE

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: Before introducing our speaker, the Audit Committee will present the results of their annual audit of our books.

Speaker: Neil Kosman of Hewlett-Packard
Hewlett-Packard Ltd

Topic: SuperDome

SuperDome is HP's industry leading high-end UNIX server. HP 9000 SuperDome servers deliver:

  • performance and scalability
  • high availability
  • utility pricing
  • hardware and software partitioning
  • IA-64 and multi-OS support
Neil's talk will focus on:
  • UNIX Partitioning
  • SuperDome Product Overview
  • SuperDome Technical Architecture
  • Q & A
Neil is a Senior Technical Consultant at HP Global Sales and Services.
He writes: "I've been with HP for 7 years, with the majority of the activities directed around HP-UX, it's supporting technologies and HP-UX System Performance. Over the past 1.5 years, I've been focusing on HP's E-Services strategy in an pre-sales capacity. Prior to joining HP, I was a AIX Systems Engineer with IBM."

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.

Next meeting: Tuesday September 26
NEW LOCATION: W.R. Castell Central Library 616 Macleod Trail S.E

Speaker: Kirk J. Farquhar of

As you may have heard, SCO is in the process of merging with Caldera. Kirk will talk about how they're going to merge SCO's Unix and Linux.

Time: 17:30 (pizza), 18:00 start.