Barely a Bear

by Jeannette & Megan Dewar, David Dewar, Shane Dewar, Doug Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar and Jeff Dewar

The sisters were on one of their early missions when... a bear!

Yes, that needs no further explanation; but if you insist, then here goes.

So I crapped.

The bear was bare -- I could barely bear it.

And a bare bear is so scary that the forest ranger took it by the paw and led it out of the forest to a better life in the great beyond --

the great bare beyond!

The place where all go bare, especially bears, who even take off their fur, which leaves them looking kind of funny.

Sadly for this particular bear, there were no children there! The bear did swear he could not live there without a care with no children to spare! So he made a deal with the devil bear, allowing him to live forev-air and see all the kids he'd dare! He simply had to make his lair within the world of 1's and 0's, where, at last, there... was PedoBear!

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