Disappointing Love Quadrangle

by David Dewar, Shane Dewar, Doug Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Jeannette & Megan Dewar

Katerina was jealous of her new friend Latisha, who she feared was trying to steal her boyfriend's affections!

But it did not work because her boyfriend was sick and was not at school for a long time.

Latisha came from a sneaky family, though, so she sneaked over to the boyfriend's house (in her sneakers), tripped on a hose and hit her head causing so much confusion that she tried to steal his confections.

But it turned out his confections made her so sick that she ended up in the mental hospital where she received a special new treatment.

The doctor injected a nano-submarine into her bloodstream.

The submarine scooted up to her brain and blasted the inappropriate parts of her cerebral cortex, leaving her a very changed person.

So changed, in fact, that she was now drawing the affections of boys and girls alike without even meaning to -- everyone's except Katerina's, that is!

Aware of Latisha's affection to everyone, Katerina found it very easy to steal her boyfriend's affection but he didn't respond to her as she was hoping he would.

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